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McAfee Internet Security 2015 1 User

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Product Description

McAfee Internet Security 2015 memberikan perlindungan secara total kepada PC anda terhadap Virus dan Malware, blok Spam dan Email berbahaya, dan perlindungan terhadap keluarga anda untuk online.
Promo Bonus 1 license/ 1 tahun, Total 2 License

Kelebihan :
– Support lokal Indonesia, bisa call/ email
– Menempel pada account sehingga bila laptop atau pc anda rusak bisa dipindahkan tanpa harus beli baru
– Bisa Top Up untuk perpanjang aktivasi
– Free 3 bulan setiap instalasi pertama kali, untuk produk tersebut diatas menjadi 2 tahun 3 bulan selama masa promo berlaku

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1 review for McAfee Internet Security 2015 1 User

  1. Carmen
    1 out of 5


    Review by JOEKC for Rating: Update: (12/13/09) I have a three install liensce. When I tried to install a second liensce on my laptop I received a message informing me I had no installs left. When I clicked on the help screen I was sent to a screen which implied I might be a pirate. When I eventually got the customer service screen I found I would have to PAY to have a phone conversation with a real person. UNACCEPTABLE! I had to install a program which opened a dialog box to on-line chat with someone in a foreign country. This required me to allow a stranger to take control of my computer (do you really want that?) and prowl around. I had a difficult time communicating the problem. The CS rep kept insisting I had to uninstall my previous install on my desktop, even though I had TWO installs left. When I finally managed to make him understand, he erased all my settings in Internet Explorer. Even though the problem was finally solved, the whole process took almost 45 minutes, 35 of which were spent online. Also it took me several days to actually download the help client as I kept getting repeated messages indicated the McAfee server was unavailable. I was never clear what the problem was.So why would anyone subject themselves to such misery? I can’t imagine.Original Review (not changed):The summary: A good anti-virus program which works flawlessly with Win7, but may annoy you during the setup.I waited over a month to write this review because I wanted to do a clean install of Windows 7 Professional on a new home brew computer before testing it. I have avoided McAfee products for years because of several bad experiences in McAfee’s early iterations. So I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wanted to give it a fair test that was unencumbered by other potentially conflicting programs or native problems.I chose Custom Install from the setup menu since I like to see what’s being put on my computer. Obviously I chose to install Virus Scan but I declined Personal Firewall since its built been built into every Windows version since XP, SP2. I okayed Site Advisor , but said no to Easy Network since I could find no information as to what this is. (The packaging card attributes the lack of included instructions to an ongoing effort to minimize the impact on our environment although a cynic might suspect more of a financial motive.) After this the program downloaded something called Compatibility Checker trickled down from a slow McAfee home site (six minutes to download.) Downloading the Win7 update added another three minutes and the total install time came in at just under 12 minutes, a bit long I think (I have RR turbo.)Just like Microsoft, McAfee requires product activation, but unlike Microsoft or Adobe requires your first and last name, email address and password, which I find objectionable. Another annoyance is the box (checked by default) which may put you on more spam lists AKA McAfee partners. Be sure to uncheck them unless you really want more email. Entering a password is more complicated than it should be. No password requirements are listed until you enter a password which is not long or complex enough and then you are informed it needs to be at least eight characters long with at least one letter and one number and no special characters. The only way to find a suitable password is through trial and error.More objectionable to me is the attempt to get you to sign up for an automatically renewing subscription which charges your credit card one month before your year’s initial subscription ends at the existing price discounts and special pricing do not apply. Furthermore once you’ve turned on auto renewal via your computer you are not allowed to turn it off with your computer. To not be charged again you’re required to call customer service. McAfee automatically gets your money even if you stop using your computer or someone steals it, unless you remember to call them. And even if you want to authorize payment years in advance, do you want to buy something without knowing the actual price? Why this helps anyone but McAfee is a mystery to me.The plus to this program is it has, for five weeks at least, worked quickly and unobtrusively for me. It may be partly due to my new computer’s inherent speed, but with most virus checkers I can usually feel it pulling down my system as it toils in the background. Not so with McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2010. I also found the Site Advisor feature to work seamlessly, although it takes up another precious line on a browser increasingly burdened by add-ons like Google Toolbar, etc. Also installed with Site Advisor is a searchbox which pushes you to Yahoo and also sets your browser’s default search engine to Yahoo. You can turn this entire line off, but I found no way to set the site advisor search to another site, for instance Bing or Google.For those who want a more complete program, McAfee will give you more bells and whistles at a higher price. But remember, those bells and whistles in the background eat up precious speed. I prefer a minimalist approach, especially since Win7 has a lot of built-in safeguards.So yes, I give the program a solid but not completely enthusiastic recommendation once one gets past the annoyances I mentioned. (Has anyone ever actually flipped over an antiviirus program?) If I find any long-term issues, I’ll post an update

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